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Single: Si tu dois partir

ruth-notman-si-tu-dois-partir The Guardian- Single of the Week
40 years to the day that Fairport Convention’s Si Tu Dois Partir charted, Ruth released her tribute to that groundbreaking single. Taken from her latest album, The Life of Lilly, the single is a classic summer anthem. Bright sounds and great production blend beautifully to create the perfect accompaniment for Ruth’s unique voice.

Si Tu Dois Partir - Ruth Notman

Debut Album: Threads

ruth-notman-threads The Independent- Album of the Week
Ruth’s pure and powerful voice stunningly conveys stories of love, loss, adventure and heartache, weaving through simple stripped down ballads and soaring above sweeping strings arrangements. Her quirky piano melodies and catchy guitar riffs are augmented with melodeon, fiddle, cello and beautiful harmonies. The result is a dynamic and striking album, which made the music world sit up and listen.

Threads - Ruth Notman

Press for Threads:

“Debut Album by a Nottingham 18-year-old with such a spark in her Voice it’s hard to see how she can fail.”
MOJO ****

“Notman has a fantastic voice well suited to plumb the bottomless well of the British folk -Ballad tradition.”

“Further proof that the British Folk scene is in remarkably fine shape comes from an 18-year-old who has recorded one of the most assured, varied and impressive debut albums of the year…Notman is little known right now, but that, i suspect, is soon going to change.”

The Life of Lilly

ruth-notman-the-life-of-lilly The Life of Lilly is a real musical journey that picks up where “Threads” left off. A balance of traditional material, self-penned songs and well chosen covers are given Ruth’s usual, unusual treatment. From epic film score-like arrangements to simple accompanied delights with a bit of everything in between.

The Life of Lilly - Ruth Notman

Press for The Life of Lilly:

“After hearing Ruth, Kate Rusby remarked ‘I was totally blown away’.  Me too, Kate, me too.”
Penguin Eggs Magazine

“Even by the high standards we’ve come to anticipate, Ruth Notman’s emergence is particularly exciting”

“Further persuasive evidence of Ruth’s stature, personality and Presence”

“A true talent, and derserving of an audience far beyond folk’s boundaries”
EDS Magazine

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